Get It! Strategic Goal Setting Workshop

Find clarity. Set goals.

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This workshop is for YOU!

Participants Respond:
Would you recommend this workshop to a friend?

Yes. It was inspiring and super motivating. I think it would be effective for just about everyone.
— C.H 42, CA
Yes! The opportunity to connect with and hear from other creative, driven people ignites and inspires those of us committing to the entrepreneurial life.
— M.P 34, CO
F*** yes. Super motivating, empowering, fun, just the right kind of “me time” we all need, community oriented, inspiring, approachable.
— A.R 31, CO
“Yes! the self reflection exercise was really eye opening...
— A.G 32, CA
Definitely! I think it was a great workshop for anyone. I think it would be interesting to have one be focused on business goals specifically but I do think anyone could benefit from this workshop.
— L.B 38, CO
“100% I loved the 2 on 1 mindful listening piece. Beautiful!”
— E.D 36, CA
“Absolutely. I loved each exercise leading up to the goal setting and really like being paired with different strangers. LOVED the 5 word exercise. Surprised by the results in a good way.”
— J.R 40, CA

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