19. Magda Besser | Certified Financial Planner | "I'm in a risky business"

Magda Besser is the Founder and CEO of Wealth In Hand, a financial wellness provider.

You can find her online @wealthinhand

She started her career in private wealth management as a certified financial planner, where she went on to train and manage a team of advisors. 

A self-proclaimed finance nerd, Magda has been fascinated by money for as long as she can remember.  She has been educating around finance since the 6th grade, when she gave a presentation titled: “how the stock market works.”

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18. Shannon Broyles Beale | Chief Strategist | "You're cute until you're mouthy"

Shannon Broyles-Beale is the founder and principal strategist of  @sbfactoryny.) 

A former merchant and executive of Donna Karan and Brunello Cucinelli North America, Shannon launched S/B in 2012 after nearly a decade of product development and business management. She can be found here @sbfnyc.

S/B Factory is full-service brand development consultancy that provides early to advanced stage strategy for luxury, fashion and lifestyle brands. Her team applies a multi-disciplinary brand management approach that sits at the intersection of image, commerce and sustainability. 

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17. Gabriela and Samar | Choreographers, Founders | "Self love is where it begins"

Sisters Gabriela and Samar are co-founders of Hipline, a beloved space for dance and empowerment in Oakland CA.  You can find them online @hiplineoakland

Proudly owned by women-of-color, this business has grown slowly and thoughtfully over the last 11 years, becoming a space equally known for exhilarating dance classes, co-working and community.

Harnessing their Lebanese Peruvian roots, Gabriela, Samar and their diverse team of choreographers encourage Hipliners to check their baggage at the door for an hour focussed on mind, heart and body. 

They invited me into their studio on Lakeshore in Oakland to record this conversation.

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16. Karla Quiz | Designer | "I have to make this work"

@karlaquiz designs kaftan inspired medical and delivery gowns through her company @jamesfoxco .

Her functional and stylish gowns made their world debut in Ayesha Curry’s baby announcement and have enhanced the birth, postpartum, and medical recovery experience for women across the country.  Her gowns are sold online and at Nordstrom.

With her little one in tow, we met up in Oakland to record this conversation

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15. Jill White Lindsey | Therapeutic Yoga Instructor | "We do a lot of judging by the cover"

Jill Lindsay is a therapeutic yoga instructor and anatomy teacher. You can find her online @therapeuticyogijill

She started her career as a high school biology teacher and after battling cancer, turned to Yoga as a source for healing and recovery. 

She believes that Therapeutic yoga has the power to help reduce or eliminate symptoms that cause suffering while improving foundation and function. She believes that every body can benefit from by going deep in a safe and healing way. 

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14. Jillian Knox | Stylist | "I spent a year saying yes"

Jillian Knox is an interdisciplinary creative polymath based in San Francisco, California you can find her online at @JJoules

With a BFA in Photography, concentrating in Fashion Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design, Jillian combines her creative passions to serve her clients and fuel her creative fire.

Jillian opened her online vintage store, Joules Jewels Vintage, in 2009 to hone her commercial photography, styling skills, and embrace her love for fashion.

She currently works as a food + fashion stylist. We met up at the Ruby SF to record this conversation

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13. Puno | Founder | "I love embracing consequences"

Puno is the founder of PeopleMap, an instagram marketing tool, and ilovecreatives, a platform for creative slashies. She lives in LA with her husband, who is also her business partner. You can find her online @punodostres

She started her career as an agency Art Director, then moved on to Call of Duty Elite as a UX Director.  In 2009, she moved into the freelance space designing websites and directing branding.  

She is a Squarespace Authorized trainer, speaks on panels, and has produced a Squarespace Design Course and another on Instagram Marketing.

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12. Rakia Reynolds | CEO Skai Blue Media | "I built it brick by brick"

Rakia Reynolds is the founder & CEO of Skai Blue Media, a multimedia strategic communications firm based in Philadelphia and New York.

She began her career as a television producer, working at MTV, TLC and the Discovery Channel.  She transitioned into the world of PR while pregnant and on unemployment, dusted herself off and became an “accidental entrepreneur” with the founding of Skai Blue Media. A decade later, it is clear that her non-traditional approach to PR and communications has changed the game.  

Rakia and her team at Skai Blue Media work with powerhouses including Serena Williams, Ashley Graham and social activist Marley Dias and brands we love, include Dell, Comcast, Airbnb, and Planned Parenthood.

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11. Sabrina Moyle | CEO Hello!Lucky | "we're focusing on what we love"

Sabrina Moyle is the CEO of Hello!Lucky, an award winning letterpress greeting card and design studio. 

From humble beginnings making greeting cards to an expanded line including textiles,   bedding, books, ceramics, socks, custom photo albums and children books, Sabrina and her business partner and Sister, Eunice have stayed true to the mission to spread joy, fun and kindness.

Sabrina serves on the board of The Mosaic Project, is a published author and is an advocate for and practitioner of mindful parenting.

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10. Aleksandra Zee | Woodworker | "I credit hard ass work"

Aleksandra Zee is an Oakland based woodworker and artist. 

With a degree in Fine Arts, she started her career as a display artist for Anthropologie. She creates and sells original works of art and leads hands-on workshops.  Her debut book, The Way of the Woodshop is available for pre-order now.

Her work has been featured in Dwell, C Magazine, SF Gate, Esquire, 7x7, Desert Sun, Refinery 29 and more.

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8. Kait Miller | Photographer | "fear is a lack of information"

Kait Miller is a photographer based in Oakland, California.

Kait is passionate about dad jokes, finding good light and self-discovery. She has an incredible eye and a stunning aesthetic and is an absolute delight on set. She is a member of Bone+Gold (my full service production company) and shoots portraits, lifestyle and weddings. She travels often, and is always down for a good time.

Mid-way through a five day marathon shoot, we had some extra energy, so we cruised to my airbnb to record this conversation.

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7. Lauren Smith | Director of Culture | "I don't need to be the one in charge"

Lauren Smith is a founding creative director at Pop-Up Magazine, where she currently directs culture and operations. You can find her online @misslaurenlee

Alongside creative partners and her husband Derek, Lauren has built several successful companies including the Curiosity Shop in San Francisco and California Sunday Magazine, while managing the responsibilities of parenthood.  

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6. Lawrence Kalogreades | Psychotherapist | "you have to make ends meet"

Lawrence Kalogreades is a psychotherapist and clinical researcher based in Limassol, Cyprus.  You can find him online @kalogreades.

He believes that everyone stands to benefit from talk therapy. 

Things are always more complex than they seem.  By guiding from that perspective, his clients discover that things aren’t always black and white - that they have more options than they initially imagined.

He finds peace in listening to heavy music, lifting heavy objects, and reading heavy leather-bound books.

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5. Jade Rivera | Micro School Founder | "the proof is in the pudding"

Jade Rivera is the founder of Sunnyside Micro-School for neuro divergent children.  She is an author, educator, coach and innovator.  You can follow her work online at @sunnyside_microschool 

She is a fullbright scholarship recipient and former chemist. Her book: Micro-Schools: Creating Personalized Learning on a Budget, has inspired countless passionate individuals and her most recent publication, Could You Live Underwater: A Design Thinking and STEM Curriculum is available now.

She is an advocate for project based learning and a dedicated tarot practitioner.  She lives in Oakland with her husband, Sam and their two cats.

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4. Oscar Nilsson | Director | "you have to learn by your mistakes"

Oscar Nilsson is a Swedish director and photographer based in San Francisco.  You can find him on instagram at @oscarwastaken

He’s developed a following as an adventure photographer and is the founder of the Art Ranger, where 100% of print proceeds go directly to the National Park Foundation.  He leads workshops for photographers across California and is sponsored by Sony Alpha.

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3. Julia Feldman | Sex Educator | "it takes a lot of courage"

Julia Feldman is an Oakland based sex educator with over 12 years of experience in formal education. You can find her on instagram at @givingthetalk. She believes in a world where access to information guides healthy decision-making, a world where stigma and shame are absent and a world where curiosity and learning is continuous. 

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2. Amanda Tyler Jacobson | Founder | "it's OK if it doesn't work"

@amanda.tyler.j is a multi-preneur and mom of two. Her startup, Restore helps people with defaulted loans get out of debt and her business, plants for everyone offers permanent and temporary plant styling.  She is is a writer, a digital marketing maven and a brilliant creative strategist.

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1. Rodrigo Trevino | Photographer | "it hasn’t been easy"

@rodtrvn is best known for capturing stunning vistas on his adventure travels across the world. He is sponsored by Canon and is a member of All About Adventures, a travel content collective. His work has been featured in Urban Outfitters, and Sunset Magazine and he’s collaborated with a plethora of notable brands.

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